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Our Policy

School Rules

1. Driver Education Program : each student must receive 30-hours of Classroom and 6 hours of Driving (Behind-The-Wheel or BTW) to “Graduate.”

2. Make-Up of Missed Class : Wait two weeks to join the next Session for the Day Missed.

3. Class Disturbance : Any student who constantly disrupts the class will be suspended for at least two weeks.

4. Fighting in School : Any student who fights during class session will be terminated. There will be NO REFUND!

5. Cell Phone/Texting : No phone calls or texting allowed in classroom: Except During Beak-time.

6. Lesson Cancellation Fee: There will be $35.00 charge for any Driving Lesson cancelled without a 48 hour notice. This policy is strictly enforced if the instructor reports for the service before learning of cancellation. Fee must be paid before the next lesson.

7. Passing Score : A score of 80% is required for passing. There will be a Quiz at the end of each unit of the Curriculum plus a Final Test of 50 Questions. Must pay $25.00 to take the Final Test Again.

8. No eating or Drinking in the Classroom.

9. Behind-The-Wheel or BTW driving session service is provided on a door to door basis from your home, your school, your work when it is located within our driving area. Otherwise, you will have to come and meet the instructor in the Driving school

10. When you have a driving appointment ,you should sometimes expect some delay due to traffic or other unexpected problems

Driving Education Program Certificates

Certificates will be promptly sent electronically to MVA upon completion of both 30 hours of classroom time & 6 hours of behind the wheel instructions. Every student must contact the secretary/official of the school to ensure that their information has been forwarded to the MVA by the school, on successful course completion. PLEASE DO NOT make any appointments with the MVA. All Documents; classroom, Behind-the-Wheel and Evaluation forms must be signed by students. WE CAN NOT FORWARD ANY INFORMATION TO MVA IF YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED YOUR DOCUMENTS!!!


Disturbance inside the classroom are prohibited. Students are liable to suspension or expulsion from the course in the event of any unruly behavior, contrary to the good conduct and smooth teaching expected of the program. Parents or mentors will be informed prior to such disciplinary actions. Please note; Students are not allowed to use cell phones; make calls or send text messages during class unless it’s an emergency.


Class promptly starts in the morning at1015AM -0130 PM, 0245pm-6pm and 6pm-9pm for evening session weekdays. Students will not be accepted in class after 15 minutes of tardiness. If for any reason you are running late please contact the school in a timely manner.


According to COMAR, if a student is absent for 12 hours (4days) of class they must restart the program. Students will have to wait until the next new class in order to attend.

Fast lane

This program is set up to help student who possess a learner’s permit and would like to speed up the 6 hours Behind-The wheel portion of their training.

Payment Plans

$200 minimum payment at before the 1st day of the driver education program class and the reminder by the end of training

Road Master Driving School

We believe that driving safety is a function of knowledge, safe driving skills, and ability. Aspiring and old drivers having trouble with parking and roadway driving aptitude should contact us to get the help they need.

School closing and delays

The office is closed  for public holiday thanksgiving, Christmas and  New Year
Driving is delayed during inclement weather.

Hours of Operation

  • 7515 Annapolis Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20784
  • Mon – Fri : 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM
  • Saturday : 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM
  • 8020 New Hampshire Ave # 104, Langley Park,
    MD 20783
  • Mon – Fri : 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
  • Saturday : 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM

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